June 6 is Mangzhong (芒种), Grain in Ear. It means various crops are mature waiting to be harvested. In older times and in Chinese literature, people host ceremonies to show appreciation for flower.

This year, Mangzhong is also right before the Dragon Boat Festival. In addition to the well-known dragon boat racing, people also make herb infused sachets to keep the negative energies away amongst all the other traditions.

We made our own sachet inspired by various flowers with 5 ingredients (3 crystals, white sage, black pepper). The number 5 is of significance as Dragon Boat Festival falls on the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar calendar.  

Forget-me-not is pinned outside of the sachet as it symbolizes universal love. Lavender essential oil (calming) and vetiver essential oil (grounding) are chosen as the key notes. As of herbs, white sage and black pepper are added for clearing unwanted energies. Crystal-wise, we used pink quartz as a reminder of love for all, a methyst for its soothing qualities, and lapis lazuli for compassion and truth.