Xiazhi (夏至) is the first identified solar term. Summer solstice or midsummer so we called – many cultures celebrate the long daylight on this particular day. Astrologically, it means the summer has started. Traditionally in Chinese culture, people make food/drinks with cooling properties. 

Few days before summer solstice is full strawberry moon. Back then, it is a sign that strawberries had ripened in North America. This full moon also represents love and maturity in thoughts and actions. 

Combining the summer solstice and the full strawberry moon, we celebrate this solar term with dreamy, fruity ice cubes in our drinks.

We chose hibiscus water as our base for ice cubes. Hibiscus symbolizes love and self realization.

Inside the ice cubes, we put in heart-shaped strawberries for not only its high fiber and vitamins, but also its representation of perfection and one love. We’re not sure if there’s perfection in the world, but the concept of perfection is oftentimes what motivates us. With love, we understand the imperfection in life while we strive for better things. 

We also chose mint for its cooling properties to help us stay focus and gain clarity. Lastly, lemon slices are added for its purifying and uplifting benefits. Yum!