Xiaoshu (slight heat), the “kind of” hot solar term, means we have officially entered the heat of the summer but we have not yet reached the peak of the heat wave. 

The ritual for this solar term is to consume and provide newly harvested grains and fruit. Sharing the freshness with family and friends. With the rise in temperature, internal wellness focuses on the peacefulness and happiness at heart. 

To create a peaceful environment that generates happiness, we’ve drawn learnings from traditional Chinese literature – that’s more than just being mindful – implementing small good acts in our daily life to curate a harmonious environment. 

These little acts include saying more “thank you”, smiling to people we make random eye contacts with, and many more. We set an intention of increasing the frequency of the acts as our rituals. 

These rituals might not be as magical or spiritual as some others, but they for sure charge our environment with more positivity and improve our happiness and peacefulness. 

As for fruit in season (newly harvested in a way?!) – we chose mango! Mango chia seeds pudding made with almond milk is our current fave! The sweetness in mango and the lightness in the JOVA almond milk create a superfood summertime snack!