Dashu (the great heat), meaning the hottest summer days have officially arrived. Aka dog days – the unpleasantly hot days. July 23 is also the start date of Leo – an astrological sign that is highly associated with fire. Traditionally, tea for body hydration, and incense for creating a dryer atmosphere as it’s generally more humid during this time of the year in mainland China.

With the heat and humidity, we tend to be more unsettled with some negative emotions. So for meditation during this times, we select green gems, tiger’s eye, and obsidian to help us through. Green gemstones provide a balancing energy to heal the heart (also the color of heart chakra!). 

Tiger’s eye represents courage and inspirations. With courage and inspirations, it helps ease anxiety and fear – further brings consciousness to recognize our emotions and decision making. Obsidian is a protection stone in many cultures. It reminds us to stay away from negativity and work through our emotional blockages.

Diet wise, we bring in various aromatic plants into our plates. One with easy access is mint. Mint is not only refreshing but also has soothing qualities that calm our body and mind!